Exclusive: Gameburger Q&A

We caught up with Gameburger to learn more about how they develop their online slots. We discuss the challenges faced when bringing the excitement of land-based slot to the online environment as well as their approach to innovation and what it has planned for the coming months.


What elements from land-based slots work really well in online slot games?

I believe the game mechanics and player immersion is key to achieving this. It’s easy to accomplish this in a land-based environment where you have all the sounds and people walking around you.

One of the key things for us is to incorporate that level of environment and immersion on a small device or when you're playing on a desktop computer.

That's something that we strive for - to let our players experience that uniqueness.

How do you capture themes, designs, mechanics and build them in to an online game?

It's really important to us to listen to our players and understand what they want, and also what the reviewers say. Gameburger strives for action-packed content and to make sure that what the player wants is incorporated into our games.

That mixture between action and environment makes it a truly engaging experience.

Can you tell us a bit about your overall approach to games design?

Our main focus is entertainment and innovation. We try to find something in all our games that nobody else has - something that's unique to Gameburger.

We inject action-packed and player-driven content into our games. It's a responsive thing where we deliver, take more feedback and then use that feedback to help polish our product.

We become better and better at these things, and since beginning in 2019 we've been doing a great job, getting great feedback from our players.

We’ve got some top performing games out there, with great reviews, so we keep focused on improving thing over and over, so our players keep getting that awesome experience.

What challenges do you face when trying to capture the essence of a land-based slot?

It is a little bit hard to transfer that casino environment to a mobile device.

We try to think about those little details that a casino floor can take for granted.

With a phone you don't have that atmosphere – the ambient sound of the environment and the flashing lights of the room around you.

But we try to bring some of those components to our game so that the players feel the experience. Those are our challenges – to identify those little things that make that experience unique.

How do you overcome these challenges? Do you have any examples?

I think it’s key for the player to grasp the game's potential; we want our players to totally understand how to get the most from the game.

We want them to be entertained but also understand the win potential.

What can we expect from Gameburger over the coming month? Any secrets you can share?

Right now, we have Hyper Strike out in the market doing phenomenally well, and also a Hyper Gold Link&Win game that's going to be released shortly.


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