What are instant win games

What are instant win games? In short, they are a game of chance where you, the player, finds out instantly if you have won or not.

For those that are familiar with these games, they provide a burst of fun with big win potential without too much involvement – in most cases you just click to reveal whether you have won or not.

The instant win titles found at your favourite UK online casinos are born from the popular scratchcard games from the lottery sector - the same ones you can buy in your local corner shop.

The only noticeable difference is that they have been repurposed for online and mobile play and do not require players to physically scratch off the card with a coin.

Instead, they use simple game mechanics that allow players to click icons or pull back a tab to reveal whether their card is a winner or not.

Below, we take a closer look at how instant win games work, the different variants offered and why if you are looking for the chance to win instant cash, these games are perfect for you. 

How instant win games work:

Player-favourite online casino game developer, Realistic Games, has created a suite of Pull Tab instant win games that are available at online casinos such as PlayOJO.

Instant win titles are simple games often in the form of scratchcards.

Players chose their stake and then scratch or reveal symbols to see if they have won. Prizes are won by matching a set number of symbols.

The type of bet will vary from casino to casino which sets the minimum and maximum bet size based upon its liability. Winnings are usually set by the game provider.

With Realistic’s Pull Tab instant win games, players can win anything up to 7,200x their starting stake. We also keep our return to player in excess of 95% to ensure big win potential.

The different types of instants available:

There are several different types of instant win games available, but the most common is based around the traditional scratchcard format.

Other formats include:

  • Spinning wheels
  • Card games
  • Keno

Scratchcards are the most popularformat as all the player has to do is click, swipe or drag their finger for the game to play out and for them to see if they have won a prize.

In fact, there is very little difference between how instants and online slots games work and play, as Robert Lee explains below.

The difference between instants and online slots:

The main difference is normally the mechanic and the delivery of the result. Both types of game are random, and the outcome is determined in the same way.  

Instant win games generally have simpler math models than online slot games which lends to a more accessible playing style.

Attaining a level of simplistic play is a balancing act and we have introduced features that are common in slot games such as free spins and multipliers to build another layer of excitement.

Prime examples are Super Graphics Upside-Down and Spin Dizzy which feature free spins and offer players a number of re-triggers to take this classic format to the next level.


Instant win scratchcards come in a wide range of themes:

Just as with online slots, instants come in a variety of themes from gems and fruits to faeries, pirates, robots and everything in between.

Some instant win games use the exact same theme and design as online slots of the same name. So Realistic’s Shuffle Bots is offered as both a slot and a scratchcard.

With these games, players often switch between the online slot and the instant win version of the game, enjoying a different experience across the same title and theme.


Instant win on mobile:

Instant win and scratchcard games are the perfect format for play on smartphones and tablets as players just have to tap or swipe to activate the game round.

That the game result is instant also makes them ideal for play while on the go. In fact, scratchcards are known in the industry as “snacking” products as you can play in short bites while out and about.

They also play really well on tablet devices, so if you are relaxing on the sofa at home and want to experience the instant excitement scratchcards offer, you can do.

Why you should play online scratchcard games:

If you haven’t already experienced the thrill and excitement of instant wins then you really are missing out. Below, Robert Lee explains why you should give them a go:

They are fun, simple to understand and offer players the chance to win big prizes from relatively low stakes compared to online slots.  

We will continue to release more instant win titles throughout the year as we see them as a fundamental part of our game portfolio. 

 So keep an eye out for these games landing at your favourite online casino brands.

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Instant win FAQs:

Q: Are scratchcards worth it?

A: Absolutely! Instant win scratchcards are easy to play, come in a range of themes and offer big win potential from a relatively low stake. What’s more, they work really well on smartphones and tablets so you can enjoy the burst of excitement they provide no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Q: Where can I play instant win games?

A: Instant win titles are offered at popular UK-licensed online casinos such as PlayOJO, Genesis Casino and Casiplay. For the full list of FMUC-recommended sites that offer instants and online scratchcards, click here. 

Q: What are the chances of winning a scratchcard?

A: The changes of winning a scratchcard vary from game to game and is determined by the return to player percentage. This is the average percentage of the total amount wagered on a game returned to players in winnings. Most scratchcards have an RTP between 95% and 97%.

Q: Can I play instant win games for free?

A: UK-licensed online casino operators can no longer offer free plays on instant win games or any of their games for that matter. But instant win games can be played for a relatively low stake while still offering big-win potential so if you are looking for fun and excitement without the need to bet big, they could be ideal for you.

Q: How to win instant cash?

A: Instant win games are really easy to play. Simply click, swipe or pull the tab to reveal whether you have won an instant cash prize. To win an instant cash prize, you will need to match a certain number of symbols. This makes instant win scratchcards similar to online slots in how they play and how you win.

Q: How to win instant win games?

A: Easy – just match the required symbols to win an instant cash prize. Some scratchcards games also come with additional features such as free spins and multipliers giving you the potential to boost your instant cash winnings.

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