Casino Cashback

Casino cashback allows players to earn money back on the deposits they make and the losses they incur while playing at an online casino, making it a popular casino bonus among players in the UK.

Cashback can form part of the online casino welcome offer, but in most cases it is an on-going bonus to reward players for their loyalty and for continuing to deposit and play.

There are several different types of online casino cashback, which we explain in more detail below, and different casinos offer different rates of cashback.

Below, you can browse and compare the best cashback casinos and casino cashback offers available to UK players.

Compare the best casino cashback bonus offers

Casino cashback explained

Casino cashback allows players to earn money back on the deposits they make at an online casino, or on the losses they incur over a period of time.

Cashback is usually awarded as real money cash, but in some instances it is awarded as bonus cash.

Let’s take a quick look at the differences between them.

Real money cashback

Cashback is awarded as real money cash which you can either add to your real money wagering account or withdraw from the casino.

In most cases, real money cashback does not come with any wagering requirements attached so you can withdraw it immediately if you wish to.

Bonus money cashback

This is where the cashback is credited to your account as bonus funds and usually comes with wagering requirements attached.

You can use the bonus cashback money to play across all of the games offered at the casino but you will have to complete the bonus wagering requirement before the cashback can be withdrawn.

Casino deposit cashback  

This is where you receive cashback on the deposits you make at an online casino site.

For example, you may earn 10% cashback on all deposits you make. So, if you deposit £100 you will receive £10 back to either add to your wagering account or withdraw as cash.

This rewards all players equally regardless of whether you are a casual player that likes to deposit a little and often or a high roller that makes big deposits.

Casino cashback on losses

Casino cashback on losses works slightly different by giving players a rebate on any losses they incur over a set period of time.

For example, the cashback offer might be “Earn 10% cashback on all losses from Monday to Friday”. If you lose £50 over that period, you will earn £5 in cashback from the casino.

Of course, if you win over the qualifying period then you will not earn any cashback but then the counter will reset the following week and you will earn cashback on any losses you incur.

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Advantages of casino cashback

Here at Find My Casino we are big fans of cashback as we believe it is the best way of rewarding players for their loyalty. When we play ourselves, we tend to play at cashback casinos.

Unlike other online casino bonuses, cashback puts real money back in the hands of the player. They don’t need to earn points or clear levels – they just deposit and play and earn money back.

In addition, when cashback is awarded on casino losses, it effectively allows you to protect your bets as some of the loss is recovered through the cashback you earn.

In most cases, cashback does not come with any wagering requirements allowing you to keep the cashback you earn when depositing or through the losses you incur.

Here is a list of the best no wagering casinos in the UK

Disadvantages of casino cashback

As will all bonuses, casino cashback offers do come with terms and conditions but as we mentioned above, they still offer the best value to players.

Below, we list the main T&Cs that come attached to casino cashback bonuses.

One bonus at a time:

You can’t earn cashback when you have another bonus in play.

For example, if the welcome offer is a deposit match bonus of 100% up to £20 plus 10% cashback on all deposits, you will not earn cashback on your first deposit if you claim the deposit match bonus.

The same applies to casino cashback on losses – if you are playing with a bonus and lose, you will not earn cashback on the losses accrued while using the bonus.

Withdrawal reductions

If you make a deposit from the casino it can be deducted from your cashback balance at the same percentage that you earn cashback.

For example, if you earn 10% cashback on all deposits and make a withdrawal, 10% of the withdrawal amount will be deducted from your cashback balance.

Current cashback balance: £15

You withdraw: £10

Cashback deduction: 10% of £10 = £1

New cashback balance: £14

Wagering requirements

Some online casino and slots sites impose wagering requirements on the cashback you earn, but the vast majority of those we recommend do not.

If wagering requirements are imposed, the cashback will often be awarded as bonus funds and will be subject to the casino’s standard bonus wagering requirements.

This can be anything from x10 all the way up to x60 and higher, so make sure to check this before signing up to a cashback casino – we highlight all bonus T&Cs in our online casino reviews.

Time locks on cashback

In order to avoid bonus abuse, some online casinos place a time lock on cashback before allowing you to withdraw it as real-money cash.

This is usually only 24 hours from the moment it is awarded and at online casinos such as All British Casino and Yako Casino, there is a cashback countdown timer in your player account area.

As you can see, these “disadvantages” are minor and when compared to other casino bonuses such as no deposit free spins, cashback offers provide tremendous value.

Why some UK casinos offer cashback

To learn more about why UK online casinos, including new online casinos and live dealer casinos, offer cashback to players, we spoke to the casino manager at Fun Casino.

Cashback is the best way of rewarding players for their loyalty, allowing them to earn with every deposit they make at Fun Casino.

“We impose no wagering requirements on the cashback our players earn, allowing them to withdraw it as cash or use it to top up their real-money wagering account.

“We want our players to have the best possible experience at Fun Casino and to keep coming back for more. By offering cashback on deposits we are able to reward our most loyal customers.

How to find the best cashback casino sites

To find the best cashback casino sites and cashback casino offers, simply jump to the top of this page where you will find a list of our recommended cashback casino brands.

This includes new cashback casinos, as well as established and trusted brands that have been offering cashback to UK players for many years now.

Once you have found the best cashback casino for you, follow these simple steps to start earning cashback in a matter of minutes.

  • Find the right online casino for you and click “Play here”
  • You will be taken straight to the casino and will be prompted to create an account
  • Make a deposit using one of the banking methods available
  • Start playing your favourite online slot and casino games
  • Cashback will be awarded automatically on every deposit you make
  • If applied to losses, it will be calculated over the qualifying period and awarded automatically
  • Have fun and watch your cashback balance continue to increase
  • When you are ready, withdraw your cashback

If you would like to know more about other ways UK online casinos reward loyalty, read our loyalty and VIP scheme guide.

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