Best Paysafecard Casinos UK 2022

When it comes to online casinos, you need to know how to fund your account safely and wisely. Responsible gambling is key to enjoying online casinos regularly, but many online payment methods don’t allow you to fully control how much money you spend. This makes it easy for you to accidentally spend more than you intend.

Paysafecard is different. With this online payment system, you can pre-deposit a certain amount of money into your paysafecard account, then use that money at a number of online casinos. Through paysafecard, you never have to worry about overspending and will enjoy extra digital security – after all, paysafecard means you don’t provide personal data or banking information to online casinos.

Not sure what to expect or whether paysafecard is right for your needs? Let’s break down the best paysafecard casinos, explore why paysafecard is a great choice for casinos, and more. We’ll also showcase a list of UK casinos that accept paysafecard deposits.

Best Online Paysafecard Casinos UK

What is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a voucher-based, prepaid online payment system. In a nutshell, it allows users to fund their paysafecard accounts ahead of time, then use their accounts to spend money at businesses/ organisations that accept paysafecard.

Paysafecard’s primary benefit is that it lets people preload their accounts with however much money they like. Then they can spend the money at a variety of places without accidentally spending more than they intended. These accounts are used with 16-digit PIN codes – you never have to use sensitive personal information like your bank account number, date of birth, and so on.

Paysafecard began in 2000, but spread to over 40 countries by 2018. It’s also now partnered with the British digital wallet company Skrill. Millions of people use paysafecard each day, and many of them are used pay for online casino activities as a form of responsible gambling control.

Remember, since paysafecard only lets you deposit as much as it has in the account, there's never any risk of spending too much money on online slots or table games!

In addition, paysafecard has an online app. The app makes paying much easier and more convenient, plus makes it easy to find new vouchers. It includes a list of nearby retailers that offer vouchers/cards based on your location.

If you want to use a MasterCard, paysafecard even offers a dedicated “Yuna Card” MasterCard option. This doesn’t use a credit facility, and it functions similar to a prepaid debit card. But it may allow you to take advantage of other bonuses, promo opportunities, and more.

List of the Best Paysafecard Casinos


🆕 Best New Paysafecard Casino Luckster
🎰 Best Paysafecard Casino for Slots Casino Gods
⚡ Best Paysafecard Casino for Fast Payouts Race Casino
💷 Best Paysafecard Casino for Cashback All British Casino
🎲 Best Paysafecard Casino for Table Games Mr Play
💸 Best Mobile Paysafecard Casino Hyper Casino
📞 Best Paysafecard Casino for Customer Support Kassu
💰 Best Paysafecard Casino for Jackpots Spin Rio
🤵 Best Paysafecard Casino for Live Dealers Plaza Royal
🆓 Best Paysafecard Casino for Bonus Spins Genesis Casino

Advantages of Using Paysafecard at Online Casinos

Paysafecard is so successful in large part because of its many advantages. Let’s break down these advantages one by one so you know what to expect if you make a paysafecard account of your very own.

Safety and Security

For starters, paysafecard offers excellent safety and security for your funds. When you purchase a paysafecard voucher from a retail store or another shop, you don't have to use other personal information to get your account up and running.

This minimises the likelihood of cyber-threats affecting your finances or online identity. Furthermore, each paysafecard account works with a 16-digit PIN code. Since you’re the only one who knows the code, someone else can’t use your paysafecard account at a paysafecard casino or other location.


On top of that, paysafecard doesn’t usually charge fees to use it (unless you make payments in currencies other than the one listed for your account). Many other online payment methods, including PayPal, charge you money to deposit funds to your account or to send money to others. Paysafecard does not, so it’s a convenient and affordable way to spend money online without having to worry about ancillary charges.

You’ll only occasionally run into fees, such as a monthly administration fee after 24 months of inactivity. You may also find an occasional PIN refund fee of £7.50 if unused credit is reimbursed for your account.

Note that most good paysafecard casinos don’t charge fees to use it. Some may, however, so check each casino’s payment policies before depositing.

Deposit Times and Limits

Paysafecard is versatile and flexible for your needs because it doesn't have low limits. For example, you can make maximum account payments of £300 a deposit.

Withdrawal Times and Limits

Paysafecard even makes your account easy to use when the time comes to withdraw your funds or winnings. You can withdraw up to £2,000 per day, for example, and withdraw up to £400 in cash per transaction.

Even better, electronic withdrawals are usually pretty quick and go through within one to two business days. This is also true when making a withdrawal from an online casino. However, withdrawals may be slower during the holidays.

Paysafecard Bonuses

Lastly, paysafecard makes it worthwhile to use this payment method at online casinos since you’ll often benefit from opening or deposit bonuses. In a nutshell, some online casinos give you bonuses for using paysafecard to fund your account in the form of site credit and more.

Disadvantages of Using Paysafecard at Online Casinos

While paysafecard is a great way to enjoy online casino games, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind as well. Here’s a breakdown of the downsides to keep in mind.

Limited Casino Acceptance

For starters, although paysafecard is more popular throughout the UK and Europe than ever before, many online casinos still don’t accept this payment method. Therefore, you may find an online casino site that looks right up your alley. But it may not accept your paysafecard voucher or account, so you’ll have to use a different payment method.

Some Lower Deposit Limits

Furthermore, you’ll occasionally run into low deposit limits. These are often imposed by certain casinos. For instance, some casinos have a paysafecard deposit limit of just £50. If you want to deposit more than this, you have to deposit using other methods.

Few Retailers Accept Paysafecard

Similarly, many retailers still don’t accept paysafecard for payments. Many do, but there’s no guarantee that an online store you want to shop at will accept paysafecard. Bottom line: paysafecard is excellent and growing in popularity, but it’s far from a given that your store of choice will take paysafecard as a payment method.

How to Deposit Using Paysafecard

If you want to use paysafecard to pay for casino activities or other things, good news – getting started with paysafecard is quick and simple. Here’s how you can deposit funds from your paysafecard account to an online casino account easily.

    1. Sign up to a casino that supports Paysafecard. First, make an account with an online casino that you know supports paysafecard. For most online casinos, this is as simple as navigating to their "accepted payment options" page or account options page. They should break down all the payment methods they'll take. Alternatively, check out our suggested paysafecard casinos above!
    2. Make sure Paysafecard is eligible for the welcome bonus. Next, take a look at the online casino’s bonus options or promos, if applicable. As noted earlier, some online casinos will give you bonus credit for using paysafecard. Make sure your paysafecard account is eligible for the bonus before finishing the sign-up process – you may be required to input a bonus code to get the extra credit, for example.
    3. Choose Paysafecard as your payment method. During the sign-up process, be sure to choose paysafecard as your payment method. This way, the online casino knows how you intend to pay and that any bonus, if applicable, will automatically kick in during account finalisation. At this point, the casino’s will review your account, confirm your identity, and finish up registration. It all happens in a matter of minutes.
    4. Enjoy the casino offerings! Then just navigate to the casino game of your choice and start playing! Your paysafecard account makes it quick and easy to reload your casino account if needed while also preventing you from overspending.

New Paysafecard Casinos

Although many online casinos don't yet accept paysafecard as a payment method, this number is growing rapidly. Lots of paysafecard casinos launch every year, and many more established online casinos are adjusting their payment methods to incorporate this flexible, secure payment system.

Not sure whether a hot new online casino takes paysafecard? Take a look below at some of the newest paysafecard casinos to open over the last year.

Alternatives to Paysafecard

Although paysafecard is a great way to fund your online casino activities without going overboard, there are some alternatives to keep in mind. These alternatives may be better choices if your favorite online casino doesn’t yet accept paysafecard for one reason or another.


Skrill is paysafecard’s partner, and it’s a great online payment platform thanks to its flexibility, low fees, and general acceptance throughout the online casino industry. Skrill also makes it easy for you to send money to and from your friends and family members, so it enables you to carry out a wider range of online transactions than paysafecard.

Paysafecard, in contrast, is more meant for fun spending, whereas Skrill can be used for fun or business.


PayPal is similar to Skrill in that it’s a versatile online payment platform and electronic wallet system. With PayPal, you can send or receive money from anywhere in the world, carry out business transactions, and even create a business bank account on PayPal.

That said, keep in mind that PayPal does charge fees for many transactions, especially if they are international or involve big sums. PayPal is also not always accepted at online casinos, so paysafecard could be better if you’re looking for an online means to fund digital gaming activities.


Then there’s Trustly, which is a Swedish fintech company originally founded in 2008. This open banking payment method lets you pay directly from your online bank account without having to use a card or app. You can also use Trustly to fund or receive money from PayPal or TransferWise accounts.

On the downside, this makes overspending much easier than with a paysafecard account. Plus, many online casinos don’t let you pay using Trustly, anyway.


Ultimately, paysafecard is a great way to fund online casino gaming whether you’re a fan of online poker, slot games, or live dealer games. Since the number of online casinos that accept paysafecard is growing, there’s no reason not to purchase a voucher and get your account set up today!

With paysafecard, you’ll have total control over your finances, never overspend, and be able to pre-deposit as much money as you want in your casino account. Try paysafecard today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use paysafecard at online casinos?

Yes, provided the online casino in question accepts paysafecard. Good UK online casinos should already have quality digital security, including SSL certification. Since paysafecard uses a 16-digit PIN code instead of a hackable password, you don’t need to worry about someone breaking into your paysafecard account and taking your funds.

That said, keep in mind that your account could be compromised if you share your 16-digit PIN with someone else. For the best results, keep your PIN code safe and secure and put it somewhere that no one else knows about.

How long do withdrawals take when using paysafecard?

When making a withdrawal using your paysafecard, expect the request and fulfilment to take between one and two business days. For example, if you make the request on Monday, you’ll probably receive your funds by Wednesday at the latest. Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days.

Are there any fees when using paysafecard?

Not usually. For most payments and withdrawals, paysafecard does not charge you any fees. There are some exceptions to this depending on the company with which you use your paysafecard account. Some casinos may charge fees, as well, though not all.

What is a paysafecard casino?

A paysafecard casino is simply a casino that accepts paysafecard accounts as payment and/or withdrawal methods. Paysafecard casinos aren’t the most common yet, though they are growing in popularity. More casinos accept paysafecard payments each year, and this online payment method is likely to continue booming for the foreseeable future.

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