Someone is guaranteed to win this £500k London flat

Find My UK Casino has joined forces with professional house raffle company, Raffle House, to give you the chance to win the keys to an incredible two-bed London flat worth £500,000 for just £10. And we’ve got a special discount just for our customers. Read on for more

The property is a newly renovated apartment in London’s Whitechapel and is guaranteed to be won when the draw closes on 31 July 2020 even if the 60,000-ticket threshold is not met. It’s a gorgeous property and needs to be seen!

With around 45,000 tickets already sold, the odds of winning are incredibly favourable. With a little over two weeks to the draw and just 15,000 tickets left, now is the time to buy your tickets.

If winning a £500,000 London apartment wasn’t enough, should all 60,000 tickets be sold Raffle House will also provide the winner with a brand-new Land Rover Discovery Sport.

The car on offer is a Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.0 D150 2WD with a market value of £30,000, which can be claimed as a cash prize if the winner prefers.

In addition to awarding the £500,000 property, Raffle House will also cover Stamp Duty and legal fees, with tickets costing just £10 each and if you buy through our link and spend £30 or more, Raffle House will double your paid tickets and throw in a bunch of free tickets too.

When you purchase a ticket to the competition you will be supporting good causes as Raffle House donates 2.5% of all ticket sales to homelessness charities.

James Ashton, Head of Content at Find My UK Casino, said: “We are delighted to have partnered with our friends Raffle House to bring you the chance to win this incredible apartment.

“The odds of winnings are hugely favourable and we hope that when the guaranteed winner is announced next month the lucky person is a Find My UK Casino player.

“Remember, as the saying goes – you have to be in it to win in!”
We are the first house raffle company to guarantee a winner with our current draw which means someone will win the keys to this amazing home.

“If you haven’t already, buy your tickets and cross your fingers. Somebody has to win the property when the draw closes at the end of the month and having a ticket means that somebody could be you.

What you need to know about the competition:

The property: A newly renovated two-bed apartment in East London

Third-party valuation: £500,000 (valued by Kings Group) and monthly rental income of £2,100

Extras: Stamp Duty and legal fees plus £3,000 to cover the first year’s utilities and council tax

Ticket price: £10

Ticket sales target: 60,000

Odds of winning at target: 1 in 60,000 (over 2,000x better than EuroMillions)

Buy tickets here or click the banner below

Raffle house banner

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